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Our company is specialized in printing ceramic decals (transfers) for glass – crystals – ceramic – sanitary articles – porcelain – innox and enamel, with the method of indirect screen printing.

We use a variety of special ceramic colors of different temperatures in order to produce ceramic decals (transfers).

Decals for Glass (low):
Firing temperature: 520 – 590⁰ C
Decals for Glass (high):
Firing temperature: 600 - 670⁰ C
Decals for Ceramic:
Firing temperature: 700 - 800⁰ C
Decals for Porcelain:
temperature: 750 - 850⁰ C for onglaze decorations
Lead free colors: Firing temperature: 800 - 850⁰ C for onglaze decorations
Firing temperature: 1180 - 1250⁰ C for inglaze decorations
Decals for Innox:
Firing temperature: 650 - 670⁰ C
Decals for Enamel:
Firing temperature: 800⁰ C with specific colors
Raw materials
Our company also trades in raw materials for ceramics and screen printing applications such as colors, cover coats, paper, gold, platinum etc.

We also use metallic colors and even lead free colors, capable to pass
even the hardest test worldwide (Specifications California – United
States of America), which are human friendly. We print 4 color
process of high quality, even precious metals (real gold and

We would like to mention that our company participated
at the production of olive oil bottles, which have been

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